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evaluation: Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Crystal’ a high-flying spectacle on ice at huge core in Hershey

evaluation: Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Crystal’ a high-flying spectacle on ice at huge core in Hershey

there have been likely loads of sweaty palms within the chilly significant middle in Hershey Wednesday night.

That’s since the viewers changed into observing whatever surprising and gasp-inducing — and novel.

Cirque du Soleil’s newest display, “Crystal,” which runs through Sunday, combines the natural high-conception staging and acrobatics of old Cirque suggests with the jumps, spins and fancy velocity skating of an ice reveal.


Projections add to the spectacle of Cirque du Soleil’s.”Crystal.”

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Audiences will see aerialists twisting high within the air, acrobats flipping, jugglers juggling and gymnasts demonstrating amazing feats of stability. however “Crystal’s” action all takes location above or on the significant center’s ice rink. so that you’ll additionally see gifted skaters zipping across the ice, leaping and spinning through, over and around the acrobats.

from time to time, it’s difficult to work out the place to look, for the reason that there’s so a whole lot occurring — amid an explosion of lustrous units, costumes and projections — from one conclusion of the rink to the different.

The reveal’s storyline follows a red-haired lady named Crystal, wearing plaid, as she grows up, has quite a few experiences and strives to get away of a life of conformity.

Early within the show, Crystal emerges from the display’s leading set piece — what appears like a huge, abstract block of ice criss-crossed with steps, slides and doorways. As she skates previous metal tress across the ice, light projections make it seem to be as if the ice is cracking leading Crystal into any other dimension.


A skater and an aerialist perform a pas de deux right through Cirque du Soleil’s.”Crystal.”

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“I’ll skate far from them all,” the audience hears Crystal’s voice say, as she skates to, via and past forged participants portraying faculty kids at desks that float across the ice; a mid-century-contemporary household donning sweet-colored costumes and looking at a tv; and office worker’s typing in glass cubicles.

Cirque designers and choreographers have achieved a superb job of integrating the acrobatics and skating.

Crystal meets her alter-ego — a different.”Crystal” being diminished, the wrong way up, from the excessive ceiling. She occasionally battles, occasionally dances with this different part of herself as two in a similar fashion clad skaters have interaction on the ice. At one aspect in the demonstrate, Crystal appears to have cut up into four or 5 distinctive models of herself.

A spotlight of the evening featured Crystal connected to a security line doing complicated and harmful-looking acrobatics on a trapeze excessive above the rink to a cover edition of Sia’s “Chandelier.”


A family situation glows during Cirque du Soleil’s.”Crystal.”

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one other is the pas de deux she performs on skates with a male aerialist hanging on silks just above the rink, set to a canopy edition of Beyonce’s “Halo.” She pulls him throughout the rink on skates, then he picks her up and contains her above the rink.

There’s also a heart-stopping hockey video game, in which a dozen skaters dressed in orange, yellow and white skate up ramps and down tremendous slides, fly excessive during the air, do flips and even hop over each and every other and the hockey intention at one end of the rink.

To the musical sounds of typewriter keys, a gymnast balances himself on his hands on the backs of higher and higher piles of chairs set on correct of a desk — and, be aware, here’s all on an icy floor — until the viewers gasps and mutters, “No approach!”

The figure skating is solid and sometimes awesome here, with skaters together with Canadian Olympian Shawn Sawyer doing jumps, flips and spins and throwing each and every different around wildly.


Aerialists operate right through Cirque du Soleil’s.”Crystal.”

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A band of talented, amplified musicians taking part in clarinet, piano, violin and accordion appear on, beside or above the ice at quite a lot of features throughout the reveal to pressure the motion forward. A klezmer quantity performed whereas gymnasts and skaters acquire turns tossing each other into the air is primarily interesting.

The costumes are shiny and fun to analyze, and the mild projections of scenes from Crystal’s lifestyles that blaze throughout the “ice block” and fill the rink all through the night are excellent, too: Crystal’s pencil doodles, an aerial map of a city, rainbows, water, geometric shapes and greater dance across the ice together with the skaters and the acrobats.

The riding long-established music by Maxim Lepage may put the viewers in intellect of Philip Glass at certain moments.

And what would Cirque du Soleil be and not using a clown? The prat-falling man in “Crystal” dances with a streetlight, cruises the ice in a purple jalopy and has a mock snowball battle with the viewers arrive a half-hour before the display begins to observe some bonus antics.

in case you love fantastic determine skating, acrobatics, special effects and demise-defying feats of skill — or in case you simply savor getting out of the summer season warmth and right into a room cooled through a chilly ice rink — “Crystal” and her high-flying friends will hold you thoroughly entertained.

in case you GO

What: Cirque du Soleil’s.”Crystal”

the place: significant middle, 550 Hersheypark power, Hershey.

When: Now via Sunday, Sept. 2: 7:30 p.m. Thursday-Friday; 4 and 7:30 p.m. Saturday; 1:30 and 5 p.m. Sunday.

can charge: $54-$a hundred and forty.

717-534-3911; hersheyentertainmentm.

tips: cirquedusoleilmcrystal.

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